Bio: Episcopal priest, wife, mom. Living an ordinary life bathed in that numinous presence I call Holy Spirit. Always seeking to know God and my true self better through heart, body, and mind. The Christian Wisdom tradition (esp. as taught by Cynthia Bourgeault) and Enneagram have given me a structure and foundation for the ways I live my Christian faith.

About Heart/Mind/Body Blog: For Lent, 2013, I decided to try out a sugar detox program, and to blog about it. Which I did. A little. In creating a blog, however, I had a wider purpose of exploring all sorts of things relating to heart, mind, body, spirit — whatever. The heart/mind/body really refers to the Enneagram and the three centers, but can (obviously) encompass a whole lot of almost everything. Here I occasionally ruminate on my spiritual life, food, and whatever else comes to mind.



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